Perxoxides are widely spread in the plastic industry: in PP- (re-) compounding as well as in cross-linking, peroxides are essential. However storage and processing of peroxides can be challenging and involve high technical efforts. The dosage and incorporation of Liquids requiers special dosing equipment. For the storage of peroxides air conditioning and ventilation must be guaranteed. Different peroxides powders are also not unproblematic: certain storage criterias must be meet, while dosing cross-linking occurs resulting in fluctuations in the dosing and therefore quality defects.

Polyvel incorporates the peroxides by compounding in into an polyolefine substrate. Pellets made with this process offer many advantages: a climatiesed and tempered storage is not requiere, the dosing can be made with common dosing systems which are also used for color masterbatches.

Peroxide Masterbachtes for the polypropylene compounding

in Polypropylene-Recompounding

Our P-series is specialized for use in compounding and availible with a peroxide content of 5%, 10% or 20%. This allows a very precise dosing.

Peroxyde Masterbatches for cycle time reduction in injection molding

Particularly in the production of general consumer goods made out of polypropylene, the cycle time is a big influence for production cost. With our Peroxydemasterbatches the cycle time can be shortend significantly, while still being reliable. Peroxydes are shortening polymer chains of polypropylene; this makes for a better material flow. The peroxide masterbatch thus acts like a flow improver.

Trough this the melting temperature can be lowered, which enables a shorter cooling period. Low concentrated Peroxydemasterbatches allow a easy and accurat dosage over the existing dosing systems for Colormasterbatches

Peroxide Masterbatches for


In the production of peroxidly connected polyethylene tubes and foams, the use of peroxides is common practice, also in the production on cables. But the peroxides require complex storage and dosing here also.

Our peroxydebatches greatly ease up storage, dosage and handling. The PCL series is availible in either 5%, 10% or 15% Dicumylperoxyde